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American Surgical Announces Significant Growth with GPP in 2011 and Beyond

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ASP Stays True to Patient-Centric Mission While Promoting Significant Growth

American Surgical Assistants | HOUSTON, TX – American Surgical Assistants had a very busy 2011. In March, the company that has specialized in surgical assistance services, announced a partnership with investment firm Great Point Partners (GPP). This partnership reaffirmed American Surgical Assistants’ position as an unrivaled leader in the surgical assistance industry.

American Surgical Assistants’ CEO, Zak Elgamal, was behind the collaboration and has been more than pleased with what is being described as a “perfect fit.”

“I have been working closely with the GPP team since our merger,” Elgamal explains, “I have been constantly and pleasantly impressed with their awareness of the intricacies of our business and their enthusiasm and support.”

In addition to the growth through the GPP partnership, American Surgical Assistants expanded their services last year and is now available in six states, strategically placed across the country. In December, the company acquired Illinois-based United Surgical Assistants. With the addition of Illinois, American Surgical Assistants offices can be found in Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Virginia.

However, despite their tremendous growth, American Surgical Assistants  has remained true to their original patient-centric mission. The company has held a practice of frequent, customer-monitored, service oriented approach to their business.

“We have always found success through our satisfied patients, surgeons, and client facilities,” Elgamal says. “It is what sets us apart from our competition.”

American Surgical Assistants intends on further expansion in 2012 through solidifying further partnerships and continuing to adjust to the current landscape.

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