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American Surgical Assistants Announces Rebranding, Name Change to American Surgical Professionals

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Rebranding effort to include new name, new logo, and company main office headquarters

American Surgical Professionals – Houston, TX – 9/12/13 – Today, American Surgical Assistants (a portfolio company of Great Point Partners I, L.P.) has announced they will change their name to American Surgical Professionals. The name change is part of a wider rebranding effort that will encompass a new logo, new tagline, and relocation of the company’s corporate headquarters.

“American Surgical Professionals has witnessed dramatic changes in the federal, state and local healthcare communities and we anticipate this dynamic environment to continue in the future,” says Tom Kirk, Chief Executive Officer at American Surgical Professionals. “These changes bring exciting opportunities for companies that are prepared to move quickly, and to remain flexible in how they meet clients’ needs.”

The rebranding effort will build upon the company’s solid history and foundation, while taking the steps to unleash their full potential.

“In formulating our strategic plan, we recognized the need to undertake certain steps to proactively transform our company. As part of this effort, we revised our brand by modifying our name to reflect the expanding roster of clinical titles on our team and the professionalism of our associates, designed a new logo to portray the compassion and care embodied in the delivery of our services, and added a tagline to emphasize our commitment to partnership and the improved outcomes resulting from that collaboration,” says Kirk.

The new tagline, “Partners for improving outcomes” will highlight the company’s determination to  fully support participants in the success of all of their constituent groups: patients, surgeons, hospitals, surgery centers and payers. This, in turn, will provide a stimulating and challenging environment for their employees.

The rebranding announcement complements other major elements of their strategy which include:

  • Expanding the geographic footprint which has grown from Houston, TX to ten additional states
  • Growing the number of facilities served and the number of cases performed
  • Building the diversity, scale, and scope of their value-added services
  • Relocating corporate headquarters to accommodate growth and the need for additional support
  • Reengineering and automating several of the company’s internal processes
  • Launching a new billing system which will feature single platform operation and improved information for decision making
  • Instituting a comprehensive performance evaluation and career development process supported by a training and skills development program

“We are thrilled to launch the new brand, along with other enhancements that will make American Surgical Professionals even stronger for the future,” says Kirk buy zithromax online.

About American Surgical Professionals

American Surgical Professionals provides professional surgical assistant services to patients, surgeons, and healthcare institutions, through its wholly owned subsidiaries. American Surgical markets its services to hospitals, surgeons and healthcare institutions. American Surgical provides services in Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

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