“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” – Paul J. Meyer

Employment Benefits

American Surgical Professionals will allow you to focus on your career and continuing education, instead of getting tied up in administrative issues

Our Benefits Package Includes:

  • Career development opportunities and progression
  • Scheduling and billing support
  • Training, certification, and licensing support
  • Support of continuing education, including a tuition reimbursement program and online training courses
  • Paid time-off for approved continuing education
  • Annual paid vacation time for full-time employees
  • Workers compensation, medical, dental, and group term life insurance
  • Healthcare Reimbursement Account, and Flexible Spending Account for full-time employees
  • Stability that comes from a consistent salary
  • Payroll processing with optional direct deposit
  • 401K retirement plan for qualified employees
  • Bonus incentives for referring new mid-level professionals or providing new business opportunities
  • Provision of required immunizations such as flu shots, TB tests, chest x-rays, Hepatitis B, etc.


Dedicated commitment to employee satisfaction

American Surgical Professionals provides alternative employment modalities to suit your individual preferences and needs with salaried full-time employment, independent contractor status, part-time or varying shift positions. Additionally, we offer flexible work hours to compliment even the most restrictive schedules.

While ASP is an equal opportunity employer, we do not consider mid-level practitioners without legal status in the U.S., and will not sponsor work-related visas.

Our Employees are Family

A satisfied employee is an efficient employee.Luis A, Illinois

To learn more about career opportunities with us, please send your resume and contact information to employment@amerisurg.com!