American Surgical Professionals Announces Addition of Mathew French as VP of Surgical Operations

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Jan. 15, 2019 HOUSTON, /PRNewswire/ — American Surgical Professionals is pleased to announce that Matthew C. French has been named Vice President of Surgical Operations, reporting to Thomas Kirk, Chairman and CEO.  In this role he will have responsibility for all surgical assist operating activities specifically, enhancing client satisfaction …

Identifying De Novo Business Opportunities

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Finding and identifying new business opportunities requires going the extra mile, as well as solid teamwork. Robust companies have a corporate culture where everyone is constantly on the lookout for new business. Although many opportunities are identified through intentional strategies and business development, many result …

Credentialing and Compliance: Differentiator or Detractor

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Not Just a Complicated Hassle Hassle…the word itself conjures up feelings of frustration and despair.  What is the point?  Why do I have to jump through so many hoops?  What business is it of anyone what I did twelve years ago?  It doesn’t matter!  That …

The Changing World of Healthcare Providers

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The changes in healthcare are occurring on many fronts and with increasing speed. The simple driver is that utilization is up due to population growth, a higher percentage of covered lives and an aging society. Consistent with this, costs are up due to the growing number of patients, the sophistication of the treatments and the rising costs of technology and prescriptions. The US healthcare per capita spend in 2000 was $4,857. By 2014, it was $9,523; that’s a growth rate of 5.3% per year. For the US, this amounts to over $3 trillion per year or 17% of Gross Domestic Product. As a result, the overall system is resource constrained and economically stressed, which is leading to more stringent upfront testing, the requirement for better outcomes, and the utilization of alternative lower cost treatment venues.

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What is a Surgical Assistant?

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At American Surgical Professionals, we know that Surgical Assistants play a vital and important role in the delivery of health care inside the operating room. Many people, both in and outside of the medical field, do not fully understand the differences, in what capacity and to what extent the surgical assistant is utilized by the surgeon and the operating room team in general.

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Leadership Change – Kirk Pruitt

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Effective August 1, 2014, Kirk Pruitt, Regional Manager-Beaumont TX has assumed the additional responsibilities for the operations in the remainder Texas. In this new role he will become the VP Operations.